Friday, May 25, 2007

NY: Pieces of Dismembered Body Found - Help ID the Body!


A cherry tattoo didn't help identify a woman whose partial remains washed up on the shore of a billionaire's Long Island estate.

Maybe her red, blood-soaked camisole will.

The Mamaroneck Police Department has teamed up with "America's Most Wanted" to try to identify a heavyset woman who was murdered, dismembered and her remains thrown into New York waterways - and catch the butcher who did it.

The first remains surfaced March 3 when a suitcase containing a decapitated female torso and some clothing floated onto a beach in Mamaroneck in Westchester County.

On March 27, a Long Island fisherman discovered a severed right leg among the rocks of Cold Spring Harbor.

The next day, a landscaper found a severed left leg that had washed ashore near the Long Island Sound estate of billionaire James Dolan.

DNA tests have shown the remains all belong to the same Hispanic or light-skinned black woman.

Cops say her body had been in the suitcase at least a week before it was discovered.

Torrential rains likely scattered the remains.

The black bag was an InGear Protege suitcase sold only at Wal-Mart.

In the suitcase were a pair of purple Champion sweatpants; a white long-sleeve T-shirt made by Voice and a red camisole with a Spanish label.

Scraps of paper found inside appeared to be torn from a calendar, with the word "cinco" and the phrase "begin to live."

Anyone with information about the victim is asked to call (800) CRIME-TV. All calls are kept confidential.

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